(interactive installation)

‘As a recently deceased human spirit you travel a ‘tunnel of light’ (often recounted by those who have had ‘near death experiences’) into a state of nirvana. Your life is flashing before your eyes and you have the chance to forgive and accept the events of your past. If you are unable to overcome this obstruction you fall back down to the earth plane, live a new life and return to the world between lives once again to attempt your ascension.’

The viewer flies trough a tunnel of light as a disembodied spirit and must collect spheres of light, which represent the player’s strength and acceptance of the events of their life.

On collecting these points, parts of the character’s life are recalled to them through a voice-over and subtitles.

As the player makes progress they encounter challenges: their path is obstructed by a spinning chakra gate where they must demonstrate inner forgiveness. If they have collected enough light points, signifying acceptance of the traumatic events of their life story, they are permitted to pass.

Each time the game is played (whether between sessions or failed attempts), the game’s narrative engine presents the player with a different story and the player discovers the life Between.

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