Grab The Goodies

This was a project I led comprising a 5-person team with myself taking responsibility for both the programming and the production schedule. The game was made to a client brief and is planned for release on both the android and iOS app stores early 2014.

Our concept was to select a manageable scope for the project allowing us to focus on hitting certain stretch goals such as an online database of questions which the client was able to log into and manage the trivia section to suit their shifting awareness campaigns.

The players are tasked with identifying good items from bad items by swiping them. This extremely simple interaction is both satisfying and easy to pick up but allows a small child to build and reinforce a subconscious link between certain objects and activities in the real world and a negative or positive association.

Between each round, the player is tasked to answer a trivia question about health or abusing drinking. These questions have been intentionally designed to be too difficult for the age demographic to be able to answer on their own. Right beside the question is a big red “Help” button which, when pushed, screams out “Mom!” or “Dad!” in a suitably annoying voice (which kids love, think Sponge Bob).

The idea behind this is for the child player to call their parent over to help them with the question and this allows a dialogue to be opened up between the child and parent about the ‘dangers of underage drinking’ and ‘keeping fit and healthy’.

This project was funded by The Century Council and is scheduled to be released in 2014 as part of a nationwide campaign to fight underage drinking and drunk driving.



Grab the Goodies has now been released and can be downloaded for free here:

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